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Red apples and more from Nova Scotia Canada

Wonderful family farming story here from a mixed farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. In the past, with a large family, there was more produced, and excess was sold at farmers’ markets. Excess from apple orchard helps local Larch community. Enjoy redapples+Canada.pdf.

WED Wimmera survey of food plants in home gardens

Follow up from World Environment Day survey of Food plants in home gardens in the Wimmera results are now under the  4 teachers page at

What do you think would be the most commonly grown food plant in our survey?  It was yellow!

4 new family farm snapshots

I’ve been busy this week, writing and editing snapshots about four Family Farms,  thanks to my great contributors from Jeparit, Warracknabeal, and Redlands.

The first interstate snapshot comes from a new farm, and a small one being set up under permaculture and with the aim of being self-sufficient.  It also includes Native Stingless Bees and Ecobotanica.

Two fantastic men in their 80s from  Jeparit shared their family farms with mee. One is a backyard garden in town, and the other is still out on the Crop and Livestock  Farm with some wonderful mature fruit trees and vegetables. They share some methods of farming their food gardens, derived from their cropping farmsm but have different solutions to two problems – birds taking fruit and rabbits.

The family farm at Bangerang is a great example of Primary Production – Cropping and Livestock also, with examples of what products result.  This snapshot also gives comparisons from the time when this land was settled to today.

I have just put the pdf snapshots up at .  The webpages for these will be done as soon as possible.

So hoping to have more soon.