how to use the snapshots page

photo of lemonThe snapshots have two formats:
* a snapshot pdf of the information and photos sent by the family farmers about their farms, which is on the snapshots page
* a hyperlinked snapshot title when you click it, it will take you to the parts below, written more simply, with questions and links to further information about produce and farming, e.g. for schools to use.

Note that this resource is intended to grow over the Decade of Family Farming.

Snapshots have four parts related to the IYFF logo and slogan:logo_only
1 Our Farm and 2 familythe place, its focus and the people who work it
2 Our produce – Feeding the world= food and fibre produce of the farm, for home use and sale
3 Sustainability – Caring for the Earth= its land, water, air and living things, and the farm infrastructure – the whole environment- with farmed and native, useful and problem living things.
Caring for the Earth can take many forms of sustainable actions, often contributing to living in harmony with Nature, supporting the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity.

What is the scope of the Family Farming Snapshots for learning and valuing a diverse world

Thephoto of red stemmed silver beet AAEE 2016 Tomorrow Making national conference’s theme 6 was  Valuing a Diverse World . As an introduction to this resource, Diversity in Family Farming  Snapshots, my round table discussion,  showed their scope in this 6 Mb pdf  idff-aaee-roundtable-2016-discussion  in four sections:
1 Diversity in Family Farming – What defines family farming?
2   the Family Farm Snapshot website and how to use it for the conference theme  Our present to the future.
3 The diversity of people, food production, produce and places in the Family Farming Snapshots Collection
4 The diversity of sustainability issues in the Family Farming Snapshots collection.
5 Actions based on Family Farm Snapshots from our present to the future

UNDB logo with different forms of Life

In 2014, these snapshots provided first hand information for the 2014 National Science Week theme – Food for our future – Science feeding the world.

As a freelance environmental educator, my work in creating these activities and this website is unfunded. So  if you can, please support me…with a donation and/or sharing with me how these activities went when you used them.  Thanking you in anticipation…

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