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1 Listen to this interview on ABC radio – podcast about what this family farming website is about

23 Feb 2014 Read this story  Agribusiness gaining Ground in Tanzania  in Organic Today,   by Nina Tofte Hansen – original in Danish , google  will translate –  about the changes ‘modern’ agriculture brings to Family Farming in Tanzania, many of which are problems.

Read this story Farmer Milestone in the Weekly Advertiser, a regional on-line Wimmera- Mallee paper.

How has life on a Mallee family farm changed over the 20th C?

Ninety year old Cliff Pearce has nearly 70 years experience in family farming in the Mallee of North West Victoria and in being part of such a community.

Cliff took part in the construction of the Wimmera Mallee Stock and Domestic Supply System to bring water to farms.  He saw it replaced by the Pipeline in the last decade.

Cliff began with horse power in the 1930’s and introduced a Bulldog tractor, in the 1950’s. Tractors and other farm equipment have got a lot larger and mechanised since then to enable larger acreages per farmer!

His acreage grew from an initial 2 blocks, to 2000 acres in the 1960s – a large farm for the time- that enabled him to support his family of 7 children, with his own labour.

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