Urban family farming- backyard/kitchen gardening

Three snapshots have been added on urban family farms (backyard/kitchen gardens) this month to this IY family farming collection .
Size doesn’t matter, it’s the attitude to growing some of your own food.  Enjoy:mintleaf

the aroma of mint-tubs-horsham

gardenthe diversity of over 30 different fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in a large backyard garden last season in treedhouse-GlenWaverley

Donna brown chook weband the motivation of  3hens&foodplants-Dimboola raising 3 hens for eggs along with growing vegetables and herbs in tubs, and fruit trees. 

I’m looking for more first hand experiences of urban family farmers, regardless of size, and to show ethnic influences in food gardens and a variety of farming/gardening methods and from as many different places as possible.

If you can contribute, please use the guidelines pdf on the JOIN US page of this website and send information as soon as possible  – this is a 2014 IYFF project.