Grazing NE Vic

Cattle and Sheep NE Victoria

photo of cattle coming down track between gum treesOur Farm

Here come our cattle! Down the hill, along the track!

We run both beef cattle (for meat) and sheep (for wool and fat lambs).

The forest of gum trees is on the higher land. Below that, we have good pasture in the sunny, sloping paddock.

We also have a spring and dam.

map showing northeast Victoria in southeast of Australia

Our farm is on the foothills of northeast Victoria.  There is a small town nearby. Our nearest big town is about 30 kms away.

Does less than 200 acres sound like much farmland?  Not here! Northeast Victoria is hilly and has lots of forest. Our farm is smaller than the average size farm in the north east. It is not big enough, and so not productive enough, for us to ‘live off’.

Our Family

We work off-farm during the week and farm jobs are done in our ‘spare’ time!

When we first began farming, I was a ‘stay-at-home’ mum and my husband had a variety of fulltime jobs as we were getting established. We would work together on the weekends doing the farm jobs and during the week, I would check that the animals were alright.

Now that our three children are grown up, we both work off- and on-farm.

Continue on to separate pages for Grazing Northeast Victoria: the  food  we produce and some ways we care for the Earth – our land and its living things.

Photos by C. White (cc) 2014, map by J. Clark (cc) 2014
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