Feeding the world

What does our Texel farm produce?

photo of Texel lamb and eweIsn’t this a lovely pair? Our stud sheep are Texels – a meat breed, for the prime lamb market. They have a stocky shape and a lovely nature!

The cross-breeds come from them and Merinos. Their wool is coarse and not as good for clothing and may be used in things like carpets.

We sell most of our sheep at Stock Sales, mostly Warracknabeal’s. They may go on to abattoirs in Victoria, then butchers and supermarkets, and maybe to feed you!  Some may go to feed people overseas via the live sheep trade.

For our use

We keep some sheep that go direct to a visiting butcher, so that we can have our own meat to eat.

photo of red stemmed silver beetWe grow some vegetables in our garden to eat too, like: tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, and chives. But it can be hard to get them through summer’s over 45 C days!

The fruit trees didn’t survive the big drought in the first decade of this century.

Many other non-food plants and creatures live on our farm, including in our backyard garden.

You can see more about the living things on our farm at http://enviroed4all.com.au/biodiversity-on-our-farm/

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