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What issues are there for sustainability in farming and farmlands?

Many! And they are often complex! But these “Sustainability and Farmlands Environments”  picture books by Wimmera-Mallee children for children just look at one issue at a time.   In doing so, they put Science into everyday farming life. phto of covers of the 6 St Joseph's PS Hopetoun books on Sustainability issues in farming

These 2012 books can be accessed directly from St Joseph’s PS webpage  or link to them below.

These Science based picture books were written and illustrated by rural F-6 primary school children in our ‘sheep-wheat’ lands for the Science Talent Search competitions. Each is available freely on the web as discussion starters. 

 This is an introduction to the second set of books from Beulah of front pages of 7 Beulah PS Science Talent Search books

 The 2013 books are on FUSE as Learning Resource ID’s S8F7GH, MN2XC9,  N2TZF4  and 5M7LZ2 . They can be accessed directly from Beulah PS webpage or link directly to them below.

Comprehension -discussion sheets have been made for each story. Use them orally, rather than for written exercises.  The stories cover several themes listed below with links to question sheets.  Each questions sheet relates to a story which can be found at the school’s website, linked here:

Issues around Sustainability and our farmlands environments

Use all stories and all discussion sheets. Share the main sustainability issue in each story as a class reporting back and thereby show that there is much complexity in this for farming and farmlands.

or if you want to break it up into targeted issues:

Issues around dry times

2 stories –              Water saves us                  One Summer
Dry times set qns

Issues around pests

4 stories –  Four Farming Brothers    Saving the Barley         Pesty Solutions                  Bats 

Pest problems set qns

Issues around crops and plant breeding

Coming! Rainbow PS y5/6 have written these in 2014, but they are not ready yet for the web.

Caring for Living Things (F-2)

8 stories –   Four Farming Brothers   Water saves us     Saving the Barley         Pesty Solutions         Bats      One Summer         the Teleporting Windmill       Broken Windmill

Living things set for F-2 

Salinity knowledge

1 story  –  the Teleporting Windmill 

Salinity knowledge set qns

Machinery developments

6 stories –  Air seeder   The Auto header   The Round Baler  The Red Ute     The Pickler      The  Broken Windmill

Machinery inventions set qns


Background to these books and this project

Under the 3-year, Wimmera HUB SPP grant from the DEECD, three small rural schools created three sets of picture books linked under the theme “Sustainability and our Farmlands Environments” and the National Science Week theme for that year.  These books have been used in other schools with these discussion sheets to generate discussion about farming, farmlands environments and sustainability for them, for which there is otherwise little information. Comments back to the children on your use of their books would be welcome.

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